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Marrakech is a fabulous city in Morocco. Unofficial numbers gather almost 2 million people population and its street activity makes this city one of the craziest in the world as a certain chaotic / exotic atmosphere gets your nerves and makes your whole senses work.

Riads-Marrakesh.net is a project that gives you Marrakech Walking Tours, and also that gathers Riads in Marrakech in an easy and quick website for you to chose your best Riad in Morocco and profit from your Holidays in Marrakesh.

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Bahia Palace in Marrakech
Photo of Bahia Palace in Marrakech Medina. This is a magnificent example of 19th century architecture but made with craftsmen and style from Fez. You can notice the perfect work on the palace ceilings and walls.

Street in Marrakech
Photo of Street in Marrakech Medina. Marrakech old city is made of a web of tiny streets with a special and unique architecture, creating these labyrinths of streets and alleys.

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