Buy a cheap flight to Marrakech

There are a couple of cheap airlines on the Internet where you can book cheap flights. Most well known cheap airlines to Marrakech are Ryanair and EasyJet. Many people listen other talking about booking cheap flights but when getting into the websites, as they have plenty of information, the majority of people get kind of lost and can’t stay more than 5 minutes searching for that cheap flight to Marrakech for example.

Ryanair Airplane in Morocco, Low Cost Ticket London to Marrakech

Important to know is that all Passports MUST be valid for at least six months beyond the date of entry into Morocco! will teach you step-by-step how to book a low cost flight to Marrakech using Ryanair’s website. On this online guide we will alternate images and text in order to make booking a flight easy and practical. After you read this Guide to Book a Cheap Flight, you will be able to easily navigate an airline’s website, search for your flight, change dates, search better prices, etc.

If you want to buy a cheap ticket to Marrakech, this page is perfect to teach you how to proceed and manage to achieve your goal. Not spending much money on an air ticket, can make your vacations in Morocco better as you can profit to get a better hotel or riad in Marrakech, or diner at a better restaurant for example.

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Tutorial How to Book a Cheap Flight to Marrakech

You will now learn how to search for the right ticket on Ryanair’s website. Many people get lost due to the excessive information. We give you precise instructions to book your flight and buy your budget ticket to Marrakech. Good luck.

First glance at Ryanair’s website

1. Ryanair website is full of information, buttons, advertisement banners, promotions, prices, words…


The upper menus of Ryanair’s website

2.So, first look will show you that you have a main upper white menu where you can chose several holidays modalities such as: Cheap Car Hire, Travel Insurance, Cheap Hotels, Airport Transfer, Credit Card, Gift Vouchers, Hostels & B&Bs, Cruise Holidays. Free roaming SIM card, Villas & Apartments and Campsite Holidays. All these menus and features will not be necessary to click if you’re just searching for a budget flight.


Where to book a flight, practical instructions, filling the booking form

3.To book a flight you just need to insert focus on the central flight search box and fill with the necessary information of your flight. So, on the “Flights” section you have the fields described, and instructions explained below:

  • Return: chose this if you want a round-trip ticket, two way ticket, going and coming back;
  • One Way: chose this if you want a one way ticket, no return ticket;
  • My travel dates are flexible: chose this if you wish to search for better flight deals, and if you are flexible with your holidays dates. This option is very important as you can check best prices and get your budget ticket easily;
  • Depart Date: insert the date of your departure ticket, when you want to travel to Marrakech for example;
  • Return Date: insert the date of your return ticket, when you want to travel back home;
  • Number of Passengers: how many people you are traveling with, only you or someone else?;
  • Adults: how many adults traveling, chose number, if just you check out “1″;
  • Children: leave “0″ if no children are traveling with you;
  • Infants: leave “0″ if no children are traveling with you;
  • I have read and accept the Terms of Use of the Ryanair website: you have to select this in order to go on with your flight ticket search. if you don’t accept this you can’t continue. so, don’t forget to check this;


Filling the booking form to search for a cheap flight from London to Marrakech

4.Ryanair flies to Marrakech from London Luton Airport. Luton is located 30 miles (51 kilometers) north of London. We now select a return flight from London Luton to Marrakech on 21st March 2011, and returning 27th March 2011 (just an example date). Don’t forget to “accept the terms of Use of Ryanair” -Please indicate that you have read and accept the Terms of Use to continue. Click on “Book Cheap Flights” to start the search process.


Landing Search page ticket London to Marrakech

As you notice, your new page shows that there are no flights on the specific dates you chose. But, you can also notice that on the departure ticket section, a cheap ticket on Sunday, 20th March 2011 from 29.99£ GBP (more or less 34 Euros), and another very cheap flight on Wednesday, 23rd March 2011 from 14.99£ GBP (more or less 17 Euros). This is a very good way to search for a budget ticket. Also, on the return ticket section you have a cheap option on Friday, 25th Mar 2011 from 39.99£ GBP (more or less 46 Euros).

We will select the ticket departing Sunday, 20th March 2011 from 29.99£ GBP, and also select the return ticket on Friday, 25th Mar 2011 from 39.99£ GBP (more or less 46 Euros). We have a 5 days stay in Marrakech. Total ticket price of 79.98£ GBP (more or less 90 Euros). Optional charges such as administration and checked baggage fees are not included. Not too bad. Sounds perfect.


Remember to visit Ryanair’s website several times, subscribe to their mailing list and receive latest promotions and cheapest fares on your email. Some time flight from London to Marrakech can cost as low as 7£ GBP (more or less 10 Euros). Check prices often, and if you have time, check out several months possible to make your holidays in Marrakech. You will for sure maybe even get flight costing 1£ GBP.

Ticket search page BEFORE choosing the desired travel date to Marrakech – Morocco


Ticket search page AFTER choosing the desired travel date to London – England


To be continue. Please come back later.

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