Marrakech museum walk

Marrakech is a fantastic city bustling with culture and with new things happening everyday. Moroccan interesting and rich past makes it possible to get together a few good museums in Marrakech. On this page we will teach you and guide you through Marrakech where you will visit Marrakech Museum, Dar Si Said, Dar Tiskiouine, Ben Youssef Museum, Dar Bellarj, Museum of Islamic Art and Museum of the Marrakech Museum of Art de Vivre.

Marrakech Museum Walk will probably take you the whole day but this depends of the time you spend in each museum and how long you take to see the museum exhibits. The only museum located outside the old Medina and the one you have to take a taxi is the Museum of Islamic Art, located in Avenue Yacoub el Mansour on the same venue that the Majorelle Gardens.

Marrakech Museum Marrakech Museum Walk
Inside Marrakech Museum in Morocco

Marrakech Museum Walk – Starting Points
On the map below, starting points are red triangles.

  • START POINT 1: Jemaa el Fna Square
  • START POINT 2: Parking of Rosier Garden
  • START POINT 3: Ben Youssef Mosque
  • START POINT 4: Street Rue Diour Saboun

Marrakech Museum Walk – Walking itineraries
On the map below, walking itineraries have different colors corresponding to different museums.

  • Marrakech Museum Walk part 1 – Dar Tiskiouine and Dar Si Said. Aprox. 1 km / 0.57 miles
  • Marrakech Museum Walk part 2 - Marrakech Museum, Madrassa Ben Youssef Museum and Dar Bellarj. Aprox. 1.2km / 0.7 miles
  • Marrakech Museum Walk part 3 – Museum of the Art de Vivre. Aprox. 0.4 km / 0.25 miles
  • Marrakech Museum Walk part 4 – Majorelle Gardens. Aprox. 2.3 km / 1.48 miles
  • Total distance 4.9 km / 3 miles

Marrakech Museum Walk – Museums
On the map below, museums have different colors corresponding to a specific walking itinerary.

  • Dar Si Said
  • Dar Tiskiouine
  • Marrakech Museum
  • Ben Youssef Museum
  • Dar Bellarj
  • Museum of Art de Vivre
  • Museum of Islamic Art

Ben Youssef Museum Marrakech Museum Walk
Inside Ben Youssef Museum in Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech Museum Walk – Marrakech Satellite Map

Click on the little spots for directions of museums. You can zoom around the map, and, when you click on the buttons you can actually follow the Marakech Museum walking itinerary. Follow the colors for different itineraries and museums.

View Museum Walk Marrakech in a larger map

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